Column: Working for a smooth transition 


Commentary by Christine S. Pauley

Fellow citizens of Carmel, as I complete my tenure as your fiscal officer, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve. My staff and I have handled city monies as if there were our money, prudent and responsible.

Now, as Carmel moves from third- to second-class city status, a series of changes in internal governance provides a new challenge for your clerk-treasurer. The position will be divided in two – a clerk for administrative tasks and a controller to handle finances. The former will be elected; the latter, appointed by our next elected mayor.

I have chosen, for a variety of reasons, to leave at the end of my term, having accomplished the goals promised in 2015.  Together with my outstanding professional staff, we have:

• Earned Indiana Dept. of Local Government Finance Certificate of Accounting Excellence

• Completed Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports on time and in good order

• Automated Carmel’s payroll system

• Completed a comprehensive audit of the city’s $1.2 billion in capital assets

• Established Carmel Local Public Improvement Bond Bank for lower issuance cost savings

• Lowered the costs of capital leases through competitive bidding

• Initiated procedures to earn interest with short term certificates of deposits for excess funds

• Conducted all business with full transparency and required the same of city vendors

• Been a founding member of the Regional Fiscal Officer’s Roundtable

Without the distraction of a campaign, I can now focus on the smooth professional transition of the fiscal office in the midst of this important step forward for the City of Carmel.  My best wishes for success go out to both of the incoming officials, and I am available to offer my help if asked.  I love my city and want to see Carmel continue on its stellar course.

Christine S. Pauley is the clerk-treasurer of the City of Carmel.