Opinion: Changing batteries


It is doing it a little bit today. And, it is incredibly annoying. The little arrow that glides across the computer screen is jumping from one spot to another. It started a few days ago. The movement became somewhat jagged, as if it were being dragged along rather than sliding effortlessly. We know the problem. It happens every so often. It is time for new batteries. 

Still, we endure the inconvenience. Frustrated, we might take out the existing batteries and put them in again. For reasons that elude understanding, it seems to make the device work for a short while longer. Some of us allow the mouse to “rest,” as if the batteries will spontaneously recharge. Eventually, even the most frugal are confronted with the inevitable need for change. We cannot wait longer. The functionality is so debilitated – or even stopped – that we must find our way to the supply closet to retrieve replacements. Yet, we hope that there are batteries to be had, lest the person before took the last one and left us to replenish the supply. Like toilet paper on the role, the social contract requires that we cannot leave an empty box!

What is it that compels us to wait until the last drop of energy is exhausted before acting? Are we that lazy? Are we that conservative? Or, is it simply a reflection of our innate and natural state? We don’t tend to move until we must. And, we work to avoid the peril of having to replace the battery supply if we use the last ones. Despair! 

But from the simple things can come a clear representation of our thinking. How much of our lives is ready for a recharge if only we’d take the action required to make it happen? Is now the time?