Blueprint for Improvement: Open-concept kitchen transformation in Carmel


BeforeBackground Info: This home, built in the early 2000s, is in the Delaware Trace neighborhood of Carmel. The homeowners wanted to stay in the home for several more years but wanted to make the space their own, aesthetically and functionally.


The focus of this project was the kitchen, because although the home had plenty of square footage, the kitchen was dark and confined. The layout of the space didn’t work well for the homeowner and storage was limited. The materials were dated and lacked appeal.


Detail 1

The goal was to create a larger kitchen that was more functional for the homeowner while bringing the space up to date.

  1. Detail 2The biggest change came from expanding the kitchen into the existing pantry and enlarging the kitchen island.
  2. All of the cabinetry was replaced and more cabinetry was added. Cabinet accessories were incorporated for more convenient storage.
  3. The pantry door was relocated, making it more accessible from the kitchen.
  4. The kitchen island, which was previously two-levels, was converted to one-level for a more modern and functional design.
  5. A dry bar was added to a formerly unused space and the built-in buffet was enlarged. Both created more cabinet storage.
  6. A larger window was added above the sink, bringing more natural light into the kitchen.
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