The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana helps veterans


The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana helps a wide variety of people in need, from those coming out of homelessness, abusive situations or who’ve recently experienced a tragedy. The organization provides household furnishings to those in need.

More than half of the people the Fishers-based organization serves are veterans.

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“Our primary concern is helping individuals re-establish their lives through dignity and build a foundation they can use to move forward in their lives regardless of what tragedy led them to getting to this point,” Executive Director Colin Lennon said.

“The Mustard Seed is a furniture bank, one of the only ones here in central Indiana that operate at the level that we do,” Lennon said. “There are a few nonprofits in the central Indiana area that help people out with furniture but not to this same extent that we do.”

Lennon said roughly 65 percent of the people The Mustard Seed has served this year are veterans.

“Because of the trauma a lot of veterans have gone through, not only those still dealing with issues from Vietnam or even Korea, but those that are dealing with a lot of things they had to contend with,” he said. “A lot more individuals are being diagnosed with PTSD.”

Lennon said veterans’ social circles change upon discharge from the military.

“They come back to the states and don’t find that kind of community, and for some it’s quite traumatic,” he said. “Especially with the trauma of warfare and just being in those different environments.”

As a way to serve veterans and other individuals in need, The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana partners with different organizations such as local American Legion posts.

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