Opinion: Lost and still not found


That’s it! I am done with debit cards. Sure, they’re great when you don’t have cash and you can remember your PIN. And I do love that they masquerade as credit without the annoying interest rates and accompanying, “Let’s go to Vegas!” mindset. But enough, already. I can’t handle the inevitable break-up that comes after I accidentally throw it away at a Meijer gas station or one of my darling teens loses it somewhere in the landfill she calls a room.

The card that I have now, which is actually my third since April, is MIA. I’m confident the aforementioned child has it, but she swears to the contrary. I know I should cancel it immediately, but I’ve only had this one for six weeks. I haven’t even memorized the numbers yet!

And that’s the real rub. My debit card is part of the reason I survive as a working mom. When I have to start over with a whole new set of expiration dates and CVV codes, life comes to a grinding halt. Suddenly, I’m receiving “payment could not be processed” emails from forgotten accounts with automatic bill pay and emergency texts from hangry kids who can’t add money to their lunch accounts. And my weirdly close relationship with Amazon Prime takes a major punch to the gut. I can no longer buy two, 5-foot posable skeletons with accompanying eye-patches without getting out of my seat and going to find my purse. Can you imagine? The horror!

So, I’m holding out hope that my pretty little DC shows up soon. I really can’t go through another break-up.

Peace out.