At the table with Anna


Where to go: The Pint Room, 110 W. Main Ave., Carmel

What to get: The PBB&J burger

Price: $12

ND 1023 AttheTable
The PBB&J burger at The Pint Room in Carmel combines savory and sweet flavors by adding sea-salted peanut butter and strawberry preserves to a cheeseburger. I paired mine with sweet potato fries. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Anna’s take: The PBB&J combines the best of both the savory and sweet worlds. A thick, meaty burger is layered with mild Monterey Jack cheese; candied bacon slices; sweet, jam-like strawberry preserves and a sea-salted peanut butter is smeared on the bun. I’m a little late to the peanut-butter-on-a-burger game, but this was an excellent choice to introduce me to the delicacy. The Pint Room lets you choose between a variety of sides, and I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries, so that’s what I asked for. In addition to the stellar food, The Pint Room’s bar has a unique ambiance, with the names of all their current beers printed on a chalkboard. Beer taps line the walls behind the bar. It’s definitely a burger-and-beer joint, and it didn’t disappoint. If you aren’t a fan of red meat, The Pint Room offers some salads, different sandwiches and a variety of appetizers as well.

Suggested pairings: The Pint Room has 100 rotating taps and 24 core taps, so you’re bound to find a beer you like. A few options to pair with the PBB&J burger would be a Sun King Cream Ale or a Workingman’s Pilsner from Fountain Square Brewing Company, both core taps always offered at The Pint Room. If you’re one for darker beers, try pairing the Founders Breakfast Stout with the PBB&J burger. Porters pair well with red meat, and the sweet beer complements the strawberry preserves.