New president Knox seeks to grow Fishers Arts Council


As its new president, Shari Knox said it is time for Fishers Arts Council to take a leap forward.

“Fishers Arts Council will be actively setting ways to drive revenue, including fundraising opportunities and seeking donations,” she said

CIF COM 1016 Knox

Knox said the FAC, a nonprofit, is working to increase visibility and create a community space for all of the arts.

“We are accomplishing this by positioning partnerships and increasing membership through artists in the Fishers community through a three-year plan,” Knox said.

Earlier this year, Knox, a Fishers resident, said the FAC partnered with Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, which allowed its students to design a visual and performing arts space for Fishers.

“An open house brought the designs, students and community together, which sparked conversations about how an arts presence is needed in this growing city,” Knox said. “The students’ designs were bold and creative. Currently, the FAC uses the public spaces within Fishers City Hall to feature local artists and performing arts, which is limited to the hours and time the building is open.

Knox has been on the board for three years and served as the vice president before being named president.

“The vice president position is as important as the president position,” she said. “Many times, you have to step up to make important decisions, and provide leadership and transparency. You can’t sit back and watch.”

Knox became involved after participating in the Fishers Citizens Government Academy.

“Another academy graduate, Jocelyn Vare, the then-FAC president, learned that I had a strong interest in the arts,” said Knox, who isn’t an artist herself. “My granddaughter, Chase, is an artist and a graduate of Hamilton Southeastern High School.”

The nonprofit was formed in 1995.

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