Former City of Westfield employee hopes to continue public service on county council 


By Desiree Williams

Ken Alexander hopes to bring his engineering background to the public service sector as he runs for the open Hamilton County Council District 4 seat.

Alexander is a 1991 graduate of Osbourn High School in Manassas, Va., and a 1996 graduate of Purdue University, where he studied construction engineering and management.

Ken Alexander

After traveling across the nation as a child because of his father’s military service, Alexander settled in Indiana after college. He began his career in real estate development and later joined The Hagerman Group to focus on commercial construction. He works for CTI Construction.

Prior to joining CTI, Alexander served as the director of the City of Westfield Public Works Dept. It was there that he was drawn to public service after working to solve flooding issues downtown.

“It was that point in time where I realized there is a way you can create value as a government official that I never anticipated. How can I get involved and stay involved?” Alexander said.

He said county councils have more expansive capital improvement plans than smaller councils, and Hamilton County, specifically, has more than $100 million worth of construction projects ahead.

“It was the best opportunity for me to get involved, but also use my knowledge in the construction industry and move it forward and bring value there,” he said.

Alexander said he wants to provide a new perspective on government work and encourage a younger audience to get involved.

Campaign platforms

  • Maintain the balance of a low tax rate and a great quality of life
  • Invest in municipal infrastructure and public safety
  • Understand expectations and communicate them effectively