Letter: Immigration laws badly outdated



The letter (to the editor) you published Sept. 11 compares the illegal border crossings to those running from the Holocaust or pre-1865 slavery in the U.S.

This, in my opinion, is hyperbolic language, which I believe helps no one, and, for the vast majority of illegals, is inaccurate. Most have simply come to the U.S. looking for a better life. So are tens of thousands of immigrants migrating legally to the U.S.

Then the writer wants the families reunited immediately. The facts, as I understand them, include problems identifying a legitimate parent for the children still being detained. Anyone bothering to become informed on this subject recognizes that too often children are handed off to intermediaries who sell parents on their good intentions. This is exactly how children end up in gangs like MS-13 or are sold into the sex slavery trade. I would hope that our customs officials and others involved would take their time and get this right! In fact, I believe we have a moral obligation to do so.

Where a parent can be identified, fine, a custody transfer should be done quickly, and I believe that is what has happened. Certainly, this program is far from perfect, and lets be fair, it was law before Trump became president.

We need Congress to overhaul immigration laws, which are badly outdated.

George Hodgson