Our Lady of Mount Carmel girls lacrosse team gets a boost from Marian University


For Gary Galvin, the opportunity to hold a two-hour camp with Marian University’s women’s lacrosse team was a no-brainer for his program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Galvin, a Carmel resident, runs the OLMC girls lacrosse program for grades third through eighth. There also is an instructional program for first- and second-graders to learn the sport. OLMC started its girls program in 2017 and has three teams in the Indiana Youth Lacrosse Association league, which plays in the spring.

Marian players held the camp at the OLMC field Sept. 14.

Galvin, who coaches the U14 team, said Marian Knights coach Lauren Kincaid showed his players what it is like to be a part of a structured college program.

“The other part of this was to teach our girls some of the core fundamentals and some of the advanced techniques,” said Galvin, whose daughters Sophia, an OLMC sixth-grader, and Isabella, an OLMC fifth-grader, participated in the camp.

Norah Rafferty, a Carmel Middle School sixth-grader, said she and her teammates enjoyed the instruction from the Marian players.

“I especially enjoyed the instruction I received perfecting the technique of the draw and the fun games the Marian girls led,” Rafferty said. “All of our girls looked up to the Marian girls and hope to be a Knight one day.”

Kincaid, whose program is going into its third season, said this is the first camp her team has held at a school.

“It’s just exciting to see the sport of lacrosse grow and getting kids at such a young age to get excited and be passionate about it,” Kincaid said. “It’s good to have our girls give back and work with the community.”

Galvin said OLMC players attended a Marian home game in the spring.

“They had our girls run out with them during introductions,” Galvin said. “Coach Kincaid has been real supportive of our program.”

OLMC sixth-grader Ella Pacilio said it’s great the Marian players happily donate their time to make their teams better. 

Fellow OLMC sixth-grader Meg Houser said she really enjoys the sport.

“It’s a great mix between basketball and soccer,” Houser said. “My coach and teammates’ faith and spirit really make all the difference.”