Letter: Duke disregards what residents want 



I read in Current in Carmel about Duke Energy wanting to put in a substation near north Meridian in Carmel that does not conform to our standards. Duke Power is a monopoly and usually they can do whatever they want, and if you don’t like it, well, you can’t buy your power anyplace else.

This is a company that is famous for cost overruns and inept management that business classes use as a model for what socialism would look like. And can you imagine having Duke design anything for a city that didn’t look like it was built by Attila the Hun? Do you want something ugly, visible and in the color of a howitzer? Then think of Duke. Will they allow you to hide their creations behind bushes or shrubs or any decorative plants? Perish the thought.

Yes, I know their guys get up on storms and fix the wires, but that wouldn’t be necessary if they buried lines underground like every other utility does. Then those monstrous poles that kill more motorists than potholes would no longer deface our landscape. Do I think Duke will care about what we want? See above.

Bernard Lally, Carmel