Plans for hospital at 96th Street, Spring Mill Road withdrawn – for now


St. Vincent and its partners have withdrawn a rezoning request to make way for a proposed medical center at 96th Street and Spring Mill Road, a plan that drew strong opposition from nearby residents in Carmel and Indianapolis.

On June 5, St. Vincent released a statement announcing its plans to slow down on developing the 30-acre site.

“As we reimagine healthcare, we are continuously evaluating ways to best address our community’s healthcare needs. As such, we are continuing on our pathway to purchase the land at 96th Street and Spring Mill Road,” it states. “In working with the City of Carmel, project partners and considering the concerns of area neighbors, St. Vincent has decided to allow more time for additional planning and analysis and the creation of a more detailed vision.”

St. Vincent plans to refile a “comprehensive vision” for the property at a later date, according to the statement.

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard previously described the project as a potential boost to the area but later called for more details from developers.

“What we would like to see in the future regarding this property is an open and transparent plan that informs the neighbors from the beginning and provides opportunities for feedback as part of the city planning process,” Brainard stated in an email June 6.

The petition presented to the Carmel Plan Commission listed Ambrose Property Group and Bremner Real Estate as partners in the $1 billion project that would include nine buildings and four parking garages, but it did not identify which hospital was involved.

Developers expressed interest in purchasing all 13 homes in the Lacoma Estates neighborhood, which is next to the proposed project. Some residents in the area said they felt pressured to sell because they worried property values would drop if their homes backed up to the hospital.

Other residents nearby in Carmel and Indianapolis said they worried about increased traffic, noise and light.