Letter: No charges filed


Editor, a letter to Steve Schwartz,

You sir, are the reason my husband is fighting for taxpayers and transparency.

What you have done to Mark F. Hall and myself this week has been absolutely diabolical. You have dragged our names through the mud hoping to retain your power. Well, that just shows how little faith you have in voters.

I forgive you, even without an apology. Christ gives us grace every day, and I will also. The property owner, being a good Christian man, has chosen to do the same. He chose to tell the detectives he would not press criminal trespassing charges on you, though he had every right to.

The truth never changed from day one. Your story changed with every news outlet you choose to speak with. Truth doesn’t change.

I pray for you, your family, and those that decided it was OK to blast us on social media, because it’s the right thing to do.

In this situation, I will stand before God on judgment day and not be afraid.

I will hold my head up and continue to support my husband Mark.

Speaking truth to power!

Lisa Hall