Letter: Buying a home in Whitestown is a good investment



I thought about what I have wanted to say (regarding the Oct. 10 Current in Zionsville cover story on Whitestown and Zionsville identity issues) for a few hours without offending the author and the residents who are quoted in this article. But words really escape me.

As a former resident of Eagle’s Nest and now a resident in Zionsville but technically “rural” Zionsville, I would like to shed some light on what is a very false perception of Whitestown. Since we sold our home in Eagle’s Nest four years ago, that same home has increased in value by roughly 25 percent. Ask any realtor worth their weight who knows that neighborhood and prices have rocketed over the last 18 months in the Nest. Why? Location.

So the resident who spoke out in this article who is afraid her home value will go do when a potential homebuyer finds out about the location being in “Whitestown,” well she is flat out wrong. And the author had no business printing this false statement. That neighborhood is about 12 years old, residents who have owned there since the first houses were built, ask them how much their home is worth now. After the annexation from Zionsville and becoming Whitestown.

I am really sick of hearing Zionsville residents speak down about Whitestown. Now I know why Zionsville has the reputation of being snobs. There are good people in Whitestown and beautiful homes. The town leaders have done a wonderful job building roads, bike paths, bringing in businesses, all the while staying in the black. Unlike the leaders of Zionsville. Because of this growth, the good Whitestown people in Eagle’s Nest have done well on their home investments.

Lori House, Zionsville