Letter: Understanding our president



Our president, Donald Trump, reminds me of the men of the 1950s. These men, who just returned from World War II, were tough, not afraid of hard work and commanded respect, discipline and no nonsense. They were not afraid to speak their minds, the opposite of being politically correct. These men became fathers and raised functional families. They moved back into the communities and became the future principals, teachers, public servants, doctors, construction workers, farmers, community leaders and more. They were everywhere in the lives of children who looked up to them for discipline and leadership.

Our president is tall and has broad shoulders, shoulders that are carrying a very heavy load of trying to sew back our divided country, set the record straight to other countries that we won’t take any nonsense from them and the load of bringing back the middle class, which is the pillar class holding up our nation.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, from the primaries to the final two contenders, President Trump shared information that was not commonly known to the average American, such as other countries not paying their fair share of promised debts and the recent Paris Climate Change Agreement. Just these two examples show billions of dollars being sucked away from our middle class.

Even though our president is a billionaire, he does understand the needs of the hardworking American and their families. He is trying to bring back our country to what it was during the 1950s, when our nation hummed with jobs and growing families. The United States was respected world-wide at that time, and we need to get back there again.

Mari Briggs