Letter: 11 nights excessive for fireworks



One of my favorite parts of the Fourth of July celebration is fireworks! It is truly a wonderful American tradition. However, I Googled Carmel Fireworks 2017 guidelines and found that our city permits fireworks for 11 straight nights, June 29 to July 9, from 5 p.m. to midnight. Can someone please explain the need for 11 nights?

If you are a pet owner, a parent of a small child, or just merely a person who would prefer not to be awakened for 11 nights in a row by loud popping sounds, this ordinance may also be causing you stress! Would the city consider being more realistic about this ordinance? Possibly three to four nights?

By the way, many people do not watch their clock closely to ensure they have not exceeded the midnight rule, nor mark their calendars to ensure it is past the July 9 cut-off date. They use this ordinance as a “suggestion.”

My suggestion would be that all concerned Carmel residents email our city office with your concern about our fireworks ordinance in the hopes of changing it.

My hope is that our mayor and city council members are living in neighborhoods like mine. Noisy ones.

Joyce Winner, Carmel