Comedian Dave Dugan to visit Bub’s in Zionsville April 21


By Sophie Pappas

Comedian Dave Dugan will return to Bub’s Burgers in Zionsville at 10 p.m., April 21. The local funnyman is no comic novice, having performed for more than 34 years.


“This July will mark the first time I set foot on stage, 35 years ago,” Dugan said. “I was a young lad of eight, as I recall.”

Joining him will be comedian Neil Snyder.

“I’d like to say what will make this night so special is that I will enter the stage area with a mouthful of lit sparklers via a zipline, but I have a feeling none of that will pass code, so unless I can come up with enough dough to bribe the fire marshal, I will be relying on all the additional new material that will make this show different from those done previously.”

Dugan has worked with Snyder many times over the last few years.

“(Snyder) is great at adapting to each audience while still delivering original material,” Dugan said. “Of course, if he starts things out by riding in on a zipline with a mouthful of sparklers, then he is a thief.”

Dugan, who also regularly performs at the Bub’s in Carmel, said that what fuels him as a comic is humor, along with kindness.

“Life is very hard without humor,” he said. “To find others that possess a similar sense of humor is all the encouragement I need to continually write and critique myself.”

Dugan said although his comedy is primarily clean and un-offensive, the comedy shows at Bub’s are set up for an adult audience.

Tickets are $12 if paid in cash and $13 if paid by credit. Beer, wine and free popcorn will be available at the show. Bub’s is at 620 S. Main St., in Zionsville.

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