Column: Make a difference with the Right NOW campaign in Hamilton County


Submitted article commentary by Christina (Chris) Miller, Jackson Township Trustee 

“Hey, we’re out of toilet paper.” We have all said those words! Then we just go to the store to buy more. Right?  But what if you were one of the many people who relied on Indiana’s food stamps program, EBT? Did you know that EBT does not cover such items? Toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, laundry soap, diapers, feminine hygiene needs and many other basic necessities are not available with an EBT card. These are items that, when you need them, you need them Right NOW. That is why the Hamilton County Federated Republican Women thought it was an easy decision to start the “Right NOW” Campaign to help people who are either not employed, underemployed, or stretched due to circumstances beyond their control.

Many of our elderly are taking care of grandchildren or great grandchildren when parents are simply not around. For reasons like drug abuses, crime and other irresponsible behavior, parents sometimes leave children with no place to live or no one to take care of them. If these kids are lucky, grandparents may step in and try to do what they can on fixed incomes. Illnesses and Injuries affect families deeply when income is lost or reduced. Many of Americans in Hamilton County and beyond are one paycheck away from being homeless. Food pantries can help those that have some income stretch their dollars. Many of these people work, but do not qualify for food stamps, and thus have an even harder time making it. Unfortunately, many programs designed to help people in need can accidently penalize people who find jobs by reducing or cancelling EBT benefits, leaving them behind in bills and now faced with no help feeding their families.

We are blessed in Hamilton County to have a great network of food pantries. The Right NOW campaign’s focus is to help with those items not covered by food stamps, but which are essential to basic quality of life. Our goal is to help. We are: Republican Women in Hamilton County giving help to ease needs of women. We need donations of toilet paper, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene items and diapers. These items listed are truly needed and of course not for just women, but women as mothers, wives, grandmothers and caretakers want to be sure they are available. We do too!

We are asking you, your family, and your co-workers to consider adding extra items in your shopping cart and donating them to our local food pantries. These items will be distributed to those who need them most. Donations are being accepted at Republican Party Headquarters and all Hamilton County Trustee’s Offices. Make a difference Right Now. Join us in donating and increasing awareness of the need.  You can drop off donations at your township trustee’s office or the Hamilton County Republican Party Headquarters, 7246 Fishers Crossing Drive, Fishers, Ind. 46038. You can also call (317) 849-9600 or follow us on Facebook at hcrepublicanwomen.