Where’s Amy sees ATI’s ‘It Should Been You’


Commentary by Amy Pauszek

Actors Theatre of Indiana’s “It Shoulda Been You” is a hit! ATI’s ‘expect the unexpected’ theme fits well when describing this 2015 Broadway gem that was directed by David Hyde Pearce and starred Tyne Daly. This musical comedy revolves around two families who don’t see eye to eye but try to find a way to peacefully connect on their children’s wedding day. Where’s Amy won’t spoil the twists and turns which means you better get to the box office and get your tickets now. Opening weekend was sold out and I laughed so hard my ribs are still soar. As always the cast and crew are superb and a special shout out to actress Karaline Feller who warmed the hearts of the audience with “Beautiful.” Be warned this show is a bit edgy but it will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. I loved it. Grab your friends and don’t miss it! For more, visit atistage.org.