Moskalenko says goodbye to Carmel and The Center for the Performing Arts


By Adam Aasen

A roomful of art lovers, city leaders and staff of The Center for the Performing Arts came together at the Founders Room inside The Palladium Aug. 31 to wish a fond farewell to Tania Castroverde Moskalenko, president and CEO of The Center. She has accepted a new job in Chicago.

It was announced Aug. 4 that Moskalenko will become the CEO at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Jeffrey C. McDermott has agreed to serve as interim president and CEO of The Center for the Performing Arts and the Great American Songbook Foundation.

McDermott is a partner at Krieg DeVault LLP and current chairman of the board of the Songbook Foundation.

“Tania leaves us in absolute wonderful shape,” McDermott said.

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard presented Moskalenko with mementos to remember her time in the city.

“Tania came to us at a very difficult time in the life of The Center and she’s done such a terrific job with her knowledge and demeanor,” he said. “So it’s a very bittersweet time. We want to wish you the best and celebrate the job you did, but the fact that you’re leaving is sad as well.”

Moskalenko said she’s excited to embark on a new adventure in Chicago but will miss Carmel.

“We will miss the people most of all,” she said. “We will miss all of you. We will miss the mayor and his amazing vision for the city and the city council. We will miss our amazing artistic director who takes Carmel and its people with him in his heart everywhere he goes. We will miss our fabulous companies and the people who create art every day. We will miss our board of directors who dedicate so much time to making this place great. And most of all, we will miss the people who come here day in and day out. It never has been lost on me that in order to serve our community there are many nights you leave your families at home, all so we can provide wonderful arts to our community.”