Letter: Three cheers for Stutter Club founder



Three cheers for Kaila Claxton for forming a group for young people who stutter at Fishers High School. Your article, “Kaila Claxton forms Stuttering Awareness Club at Fishers High School,” was uplifting to say the least.

I am glad that she is working with the National Stuttering Association because that organization has countless successful support groups all across the country in addition to helping the stuttering community in so many other ways.

I just want to mention that a great resources for the Spanish-speaking community is the Spanish-language version of the Stuttering Foundation website at tartamudez.org.

In Spanish, “tartamudez” means “stuttering.” The site has all of the same free resources as the regular Stuttering Foundation website, stutteringhelp.org. The beauty of these free resources is that they can be accessed from a computer anywhere. Tartamudez.org was started to help the Hispanic community in the U.S., but also serves many people in the countless Latin American countries where speech services are behind the times.

It would be interesting if you were to do a follow-up article on Kaila to see how many other students at Fishers High School join her support club. I wish there had been such a group at my high school many years ago.

Juan Gardea

South Bend