Carmel Total Fitness celebrates 10 years


By Anna Skinner

Through the 10 years Scott Visser has owned Carmel Total Fitness, 820 City Center Dr., he said he has seen multiple gyms come and go, but his has remained a steady constant.


On June 21, Carmel Total Fitness will celebrate the decade it has spent in Carmel and will offer a discount of no initiation fee, which is usually $99. OneZone will be present to celebrate with the business at 9 a.m. for a rededication ceremony and ribbon cutting. The ribbon cutting is followed by open gym.

“We’ve been just chugging along, and I really believe it’s based off good customer service and running the business with integrity and good business practices, and we’ve done well,” Visser, a Carmel resident, said. “I feel blessed for sure.”

Visser owns the building, which he said has helped with staying in the same location for 10 years.

Visser referred to the gym as having a “Cheers” atmosphere.

“We know everybody who walks through the door by name. It’s very important for me for staff to greet everybody when they come and go. It’s kind of our motto to have a place where everybody feels comfortable and welcome,” he said. “You can go into a gym and feel intimidated by the atmosphere, and I didn’t want to create an atmosphere where people felt intimidated when they came in.

Corporate memberships and various different memberships with contracts varying in time and price designed to fit each different person, are available.

“We have people all ages, from young adults to kids, to seniors and male and female,” Visser said. “We wanted to increase female membership, so that’s why we included group fitness classes in membership fees. We offer free-equipment orientation every week with one of our trainers.”

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