Carmel geologist to explain stories in local sediment at Clay Terrace


By Amanda Foust


Beneath Carmel lies unique layers of clay, silt and sand sediment. Each layer tells a historical story of Hamilton County’s geology.

On June 9, geologists, engineers and environmental science professionals, are coming to Carmel’s Clay Terrace for an interactive, educational workshop about Carmel’s subsurface.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is hosting the event. MGG has hosted similar events on every continent in the past 15 years. Local hydrogeologist and President of Midwest GeoSciences Group Dan Kelleher, who lives in Carmel with his wife, Lori, is co-teaching the event with Dr. Tim Fisher, professor of geology and department chair of environmental sciences at the University of Toledo.

“You can read the story the sendiments are telling. That is very unique in our profession,” Kelleher said.

Kelleher grew up farming in Illinois, so becoming a geologist was a natural fit.

“I love science and I love people,” he said. “I found a way through professional education to bring those things together.”

In addition to geology, Kelleher is a consultant and devoted Catholic who attends Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

“Being a geologist and being Catholic, I have talked to catechism groups, Cub Scouts and other religious groups about creation and evolution,” he said.

Kelleher sought out local group August Mack Environmental, Inc. to provide drilling for the soil core the day of the event. The course will offer participants a front row seat to see the display of sediment layers found from the drilling process, and the instructors will teach engineering principles and perspectives that can be applied to groundwater and engineering projects.

Environmental and engineering professionals are invited to attend the full-day course from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Clay Terrace in Carmel. Professional registration is $599. Registration for Carmel residents is $299. There is no charge to observe the soil core following the workshop, and instructors will be available to the public from 5 to 6 p.m. following the event.

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