Opinion: Mayor: We have a unique opportunity


The City of Fishers has recently invested millions of dollars in infrastructure around the 106th and 116th Street interchanges, while at the same time attracting some very unique private investments such as IKEA, Top Golf and Stanley Security’s new headquarters.

The resulting momentum should not be squandered to simply “fill up” the remaining land we have as fast as possible. Instead, we should use this opportunity to pursue development that aligns with the smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial city we are becoming.

That is why, at the May 10 plan commission meeting, I will introduce legislation that will allow the city council greater oversight of proposed development projects in key development areas around the 106th and 116th interchanges. The ordinances help ensure future development is on par with investments to date, while the zoning in the area is reevaluated by city staff.

Most of the zoning in these key areas date back to the 1980s and allows for several uses and architectural forms that are not consistent with our current vision for our city. With the additional council oversight, we can ensure that only developments that support the vision occur. This should not be misconstrued as our city closing the door to development. We simply want to make sure that we develop a city in which we can all be proud. After all, we only get one chance to get this right.

Mayor Scott Fadness