Letter: ‘When is a tax not a tax? When it’s called a fee’



For some reason, the mayor and his office, including the planning department – who I might add use the old and worn out talking points – are getting a large advantage with Current, Reporter and other publications promoting the mayor’s ridiculous trash fee proposal and money grab.

My current taxes paid already pay for this trash removal service. Front page headlines or viewpoints? Really? The elected and bureaucrats seem to be great in discussing the fear factor or the sky-is-falling logic when neither exist. I could go on and on about double taxation regarding the to-be-proposed fee that the mayor, several years ago, previously agreed he would never bring up again.

The dollar amount in this discussion is small change within the overall budget of Noblesville that included the priorities identified by the mayor as being important. Redundancies are included. However, now he talks about public safety, and as per most voters, more police and fire are not needed. Other priorities, including (Federal) Hill Park and numerous other projects and TIFs, including the (BlueSky) project, have taken city funds as priorities and now the city wants more?

His call and decision, but (he) now wants more dollars from fees (When is a tax not a tax? When it’s called a fee) to fund other projects identified as needed now and in prior years, but now they have become a priority per engineering departments and the mayor’s editorials of recent and past. How can that be? Take a look at Eighth Street from Conner, south to Division Street. Awful may be a fair choice of words to describe this roadway for the past seven to 10 years.

Did I not also read recently that the city was to receive many more dollars from the state as a result of the $400 million road and bridge repair program with the funds to be released in the near future? Don’t recall the share for Noblesville, but Carmel was to receive $24 million plus as I recall. What is that money to be used for?

Same ole, same ole if you ask me and many other voters! Manage with what you have!

Jim Williams, Noblesville