Column: Know your shower head options

This is one example of a master bath remodel. (Submitted photo)
This is one example of a master bath remodel. (Submitted photo)

You may not have considered this a big decision, but deciding on a new shower head can be a complicated and sometimes difficult decision.  There are many factors to consider and, based on your priorities, there are a variety of options.

The best traditional showerhead for you can vary based on your needs. For example, athletes who rely on showerheads to recuperate sore muscles should purchase something different than someone who relies on them solely to wake them up in the morning. Be sure the showerhead has a pivot mechanism so you can adjust the spray direction, as well as various spray settings that you can change when needed if you so desire.

One specific type of showerhead, referred to as rain-head showers, are mounted on the ceiling of the shower and are usually 8 to 12 inches in diameter. By being mounted this way, plus with small holes that extinguish consistent, small droplets, they give the effect of being rained on. Some advanced models have various settings from a drenching to a light drizzling rain.

Hand showers are another option. Homeowners usually choose these when they want to direct where the shower water goes. Whether it’s washing the dog or assisting young children, hand showers are made to make the act of cleaning easier. Hand showers are available with a variety of functions and can be used in everything from a standard shower to a fully custom shower.

Body sprays are new to some homeowners and combine the power of a showerhead or hand shower with massaging water jets, usually mounted on the walls of the shower. They give the homeowner a relaxing, soothing experience that they previously could only get from their masseuse.  Some body sprays have more than one jet, allowing for an even more luxurious experience.

Whichever shower choice you make it must fit the lifestyle and needs of your family. Give us a call at 575-9540 if you have further questions about how to upgrade your shower into something you love.