Letter: ‘We are doing it to ourselves’



Regarding your November 24th edition:
You almost did a complete job of sanitizing your newspaper and its advertisements of the word CHRISTMAS. Your “political correctness” makes me very sad. Remember the reason for the season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We do not have to worry about Muslims eradicating Christian traditions from the U.S. We are doing it to ourselves. The pages of your newspaper contained the following words: Holiday cards, Holiday parade, Holiday gifts, Holiday list, Holiday open house, Holiday adventures, Holiday extravaganza, Holiday tea, Holiday workshop, Holiday party, Holiday tree, Holiday bazaar, Holiday shopping and artful Holiday. Some of your advertisers did have the audacity to use the word Christmas in their ads. Ambassador House will have a Victorian Christmas with Christmas Carols. Zionsville advertised Christmas in the Village. Platinum Living Art Gallery advertised a Christmas open house. A number of theaters had the word Christmas in the titles of their performances. However, Howold Heating and Air wished us Happy Holidays. The Center for the Performing Arts invited us to celebrate the Holidays. The Actors Theater touted a Holiday tradition.

Sadie Hunter, in her story “Downtown for the Holidays” could not bring herself to call the downtown lights and trees Christmas lights and Christmas trees. She called the parade a Holiday parade and the floats Holiday themed. She even called Santa’s house the “local Holiday headquarters.” She reported the mayor would read a story. I was surprised that she did not call it “Twas the Night Before the Holiday.”

Jack Barron