Letter: Future town building projects could use more oversight



This letter is in regard to the proposed new nature center and town hall.

I have no problem with the nature center, but I do have one with the town hall.

The town hall was bought only about 10 or so years ago, and the cost was over $2 million with a renovation cost of about $1 million. Did this building never receive a pre-purchase inspection that would have pointed out the deterioration of this building? Was there a catastrophe that occurred during the habitation period? What caused this building to need replacing after having spent so much on it? What caused this building to have to be condemned?

I say we should build a new building with a lot more oversight to make sure it doesn’t turn into a money pit as this one has.

Will the town be able to sell the current town hall building or the land to build something else on in order to reclaim some of the money that has gone down this bad investment?

Don’t be in a hurry to cut corners to obtain a new meeting site or in building a sub-standard nature center for interim meetings. I am sure there is somewhere in Zionsville that could be rented for the use of meetings that would be cheaper than using pods.

Let’s see some long-term thought going into this project.

Holly Carter