In the Studio with April Willy

April Willy enjoys using color and organic patterns in her work. (submitted photo)
April Willy enjoys using color and organic patterns in her work. (submitted photo)

By Carolyn Martens

Award-winning local painter April Willy transforms blank canvas into atmospheric, light-filled worlds alive with color and organic patterns.

How would you describe your work?


“The imagery of my art is usually stylized landscapes, although I do some non-representational work also. I observe nature and then rearrange it to make it my own.”

What is your process?

“I start in a traditional way; gesso on canvas or wood panel followed by layers of oil paint. I paint the farthest point back (the sky) and move forward to create depth and finish with foreground details.”

How did you get started?

“Even as a small child I had a passion for art. When crayons and paper weren’t nearby, I would draw on the wall with my mother’s lipstick! Later I went to Herron School of Art and spent more than 20 years working in illustration. Now I divide my time between illustration and painting.”

How do you recommend displaying your work?

“My work looks best in modern settings, but depending on how it is framed, it will work with most décor.”

If your art were music, what would it sound like?

“I love to paint to classical piano and violin, so I imagine those who view my art would pair it with music that is calm and peaceful.”

Find her work at Hoosier Salon in the Arts District and at