Letter: Destruction of healthy, mature trees troubling



Watching my old neighbor’s Cape Cod-style home from the 1940-’50s being razed by heavy equipment I am shocked once again by the destruction of perfectly good housing. This appears to be happening all over Carmel, and especially the older sections of the city. Last year I witnessed the same event on the southeast side of my First Avenue double location, and particularly troubling was and will be the wanton disregard for beautiful, healthy, mature trees. This appears to be done solely for much higher cost “no lot”, oversized (for the area) new homes.

Obviously money is the reason all of these events are occurring, and I’ve been told by Carmel Urban Forestry and the Heartlands (central Indiana) Sierra Club that people can legally take out any and all trees on private property. This does not appear to be a private ownership issue when an entire neighborhood is radically changed from dense, lovely tree covers that provide a myriad of human health benefits, to another dirt lot to be constructed into a newly planted landscape for a new house!

I read the Current regularly to keep up on local events, and I applaud your arts and events coverage locally. Of course commercial interests are important for your newspaper as well as realtors, and other businesses, but it would be highly respected if you would cover the events mentioned above in future articles, editorials and even editorial cartoons. Thank you for your time, and I will look forward to viewing information on the destruction of healthy trees in Carmel and elsewhere for very high profits in new housing development.

Paula Chappell,