Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County ‘Occasion to Be Grateful’ is Nov. 7 in Carmel


By Renee Larr

On Nov. 7, the Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County will host the third annual Occasion to Be Grateful event. The event celebrates and honors those groups who help to support the underserved of Hamilton County.

“Occasion to be Grateful is where we celebrate a story or a process that has happened within the last year where there has been some major things happen with multiple agencies coming together to support or to take care of a family in a miraculous way,” said Executive Director Nancy Chance.

The event will be held at Woodland Country Club, beginning with a cocktail reception at 5:15 p.m. Dinner will follow. Andy Janning, president and founder of NO NET Solutions, will be the keynote speaker. He will offer inspiration and motivational thoughts throughout the evening.

The event is a fundraiser with all proceeds going back to GSNOHC.

“It funds and supports the holiday program for families,” Chance said. “We helped 28,978 families last year.”

A video titled, “An Opportunity to Reunite a Family,” will tell the story of a family who benefitted from the assistance of GSNOHC.

“This year, we have a family that the mother was a Hispanic interpreter for me for 12 years. The way we met her was through the Shop with a Cop program with Noblesville Police Department. She formed a friendship with the officer and his wife,” Chance said. “In 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. She was very worried about her kids in case something happened to her. That whole story unfolds.”

Various agencies came together to assist the woman with her children. The event will celebrate Noblesville Police Department, Neighborhood Christian Legal and a local attorney.

“It’s just a really powerful story,” Chance said.

For more, or to register for the event, visit Registration is required by Oct. 30.