Letter: #FeelTheBern



I love what I see happening on Facebook with the Bernie Sanders campaign. This is truly great!

More and more, I’m seeing more moments of enlightenment and agreement on issues. I believe the time for petty squabbles and fear of trolls is passing away!

I believe I’m also seeing more attention being given to the thing about Bernie Sanders that makes us all fall in love with him so much. We all know the reason why the Bernie Sanders message resonates so profoundly. Let me remind you if you’ve managed to forget already.

When Bernie says “Enough”, working parents hear him. Veterans hear him. Blacks (even if they don’t immediately want to admit it), they hear him. Women (of ALL ages and persuasions), they are really hearing him (BIG time!) … The list of different demographics goes on and on.

People recognize in him something rare and exceptional: his authenticity. Bernie Sanders cuts across all social boundaries with a certain quality in his character that is unmatched and inscrutable: honor, integrity, wisdom, courage, faith and loyalty!

You have to HAVE these same qualities in yourself before you can recognize and appreciate them in someone else. This truth is at the heart of the ONLY reason there is even a glimmer of doubt about our ability to elect Bernie Sanders in a landslide!

As a nation, right now, we are looking into a mirror and examining the essence of our very soul. The unexamined life is not worth living. People are taking stock and engaging in this kind of self-examination online, right now!

Some are feeling tremendously distressed because they don’t know there own self worth. So many are distressed and needlessly falling prey to despair because of an amnesia that camouflages our great heritage. The truth about what is fantastic and beautiful about our country is our resilience and our power to solve problems when we resolve to work together in spite of our differences.

I’m seeing it! Constantly and every day, I see teams of true Bernie Sanders online believers moving from the ‘forming’ stages to the ‘norming’ phase of group dynamics. The biggest clue is this: We want validation of what we should already know; what should already be OBVIOUS.

The answer about who we are as a people is revealed in our history. But, too many of us simply don’t know anything about how we got to where we are now. And, too many people don’t even care that they don’t know.

Anthony Lewis