Vein treatment specialists to open in Fishers


By Michelle Williams


“The environment for taking care of veins in Indianapolis and many parts of the country is not limited to vascular surgeons,” Dr. Richard W. Chitwood said. Chitwood is a vascular surgeon and physician with VeinSolutions. “When you are not a surgeon, the options that you have at your hands to treat varicose veins are limited by the fact that you’re not a surgeon. When you’re a surgeon, you’re options aren’t limited because you can do anything along the spectrum of care.”

VeinSolutions will open a new location on Aug. 13 in St.Vincent Fishers Hospital at 13861 Olio Rd. Along with Chitwood, two other physicians will practice at the new location: Dr. George Sheng, M.D. and Dr. Sajjad Hussain, M.D.

Chitwood said that the VeinSolutions practice decided to expand to offer the community more vein treatment options with physicians that specialize in vein care. “I’ve been doing vein work for the entire duration of my career,” Chitwood said, who has been practicing for nearly 20 years. Chitwood often sees patients who have been either over- or under-treated by practitioners with a sub-specialty in vein treatment.

VeinSolutions offers free screening evaluations for therapeutic and cosmetic vein issues such as varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, leg ulcers and venous insufficiency. Chitwood also performs common cosmetic treatments including Botox and Dysport.

“Varicose veins can range from being completely asymptomatic to symptomatic and debilitating. Treatment is really based on the symptoms they cause,” Chitwood said.

Patients may contact the practice directly as a physician’s referral is not necessary. Following the complimentary screening, patients may make the decision to move forward with more in-depth consultative evaluations. VeinSolutions employs the use of ultrasonography to identify valvular incompetence ⎯ the cause of varicose veins.

The new Fishers location may be contacted at 415-9500.