Letter: Climate change: The real deal



If one follows popular media, one is likely to “know” that “scientific evidence is overwhelming that man made climate change is real and happening now”. It is correct that climate change is real -it has been for four and a half billion years -but the “man made” part is minor.

My credentials; I am retired. I have never worked for an energy company. I’ve never accepted a grant. My Purdue degree is in a natural science and I have actively studied it ever since. I am an environmentalist. I cannot be written off as a “science denier.”

What I am going to tell you now is understood by few because it’s not what the political grant money supports to get the prescribed answers, Carbon in the atmosphere and oceans is much more controlled by volcanos than by humanity. The major causes of climate also include sun spots, sun flares and Milankovich cycles (Earth’s wobble and orbital shifts).

There has been limited press on the fraud of how temperatures have been reported and who has reported them for what reasons. The preponderance of responsible climate researchers report that world temperatures have not increased for 17 years and that we actually are now in a 10 year cooling cycle. Apparently there is even more, not less, ice in the Arctic.

I also study world politics more than most. That identifies me as a little nuts, but it’s clear that “global warming/climate change” is a political movement to compromise the greatest, most generous country this world has ever known by ending what’s left of its free market. Be careful who and what you believe, promote and ask for. Redistribution of wealth, which this fraud is really about, is best accomplished by rewarding free enterprise.

Please don’t ask for more destructive government regulation.

Mic Mead