Column: Get fit with your little one

use of the outdoors and your stroller can provide a great workout. (Submitted photo)
use of the outdoors and your stroller can provide a great workout. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Kara Babcock

Not only is the warm, sunny weather a great time for cookouts, going to the zoo and baseball games, but it’s also a great time to get outside and exercise with your little ones. No gyms needed with this weather!

Park: The park is by far the best place to get fit! You can use the benches, swings, slides and monkey bars as your exercise equipment by doing push-ups, pull-ups or planks. In addition, while you are getting exercise, your little one is having a blast playing.

Walking trails: In Hamilton County, we have so many great walking tails. For example, take a family walk or bike ride down the Monon Trail. It will be a great way to get outside, get fresh air and bond with your baby. If you want to add a little more cardio to your walk, I recommend doing high-knees while running with your stroller or walking stroller lunges.

Backyard: The most convenient of all option especially with a little one is to make use of your back yard. If your child is old enough to walk, get a sprinkler out and play in the water. If they are old enough to run, you can both take turns running thru the water to cool off while also getting a little cardio.

Kara Babcock is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Baby Boot Camp-Carmel, Noblesville & Fishers has classes at St.Vincent Fishers & Carmel Hospitals, The Fashion Mall and Coxhall Gardens. Your first class is always free. Register at or contact [email protected].