Boys & Girls Club gets new tablets for kids


By Alexandria Eady

The Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville has partnered with Heartland Residential Services to provide 35 new computer tablets for the use of the children involved in after school programs.

Through their close connection with the Kiwanis Club, the Noblesville branch of the Boys & Girls Club was able to reach out to Heartland Residential Services who was then able to donate their unused technology for a greater cause.


Helping to oversee this opportunity was Kristi Shultz, the resource development coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville.

“Heartland Residential had a corporate lease on their technology that was about to end, so they decided to donate the tablets to us,” she said.

On July 13, the Lenovo-brand tablets were delivered and made available for use to support the various educational programs that the club has to offer.

“We have about 300 kids here after school on a daily basis and we offer several after school programs for the students including homework help, academic tutoring, and leadership clubs,” Shultz said.

With a need for updated technology, these tablets make the perfect addition to club as they plan to utilize them in more ways than one.

“We have a computer lab with desktop computers available, but having these new tablets is a faster resource that is much more relevant to the technology the kids use everyday,” Shultz said. “The kids will be able to use the tablets to support their research projects, and also do community service planning through our leadership clubs.”

The tablets will not only provide an educational resource for the students, but allow for easier and more efficient program facilitation as well.

“The benefit to these tablets is that they are mobile, so this can make for classrooms anywhere and gives us more versatility,” Schultz said. “Because of this we’ll be able to offer our programs better to our students.”