Visit county’s Tenderloin Trail

Brittany McCoy holds a tenderloin sandwich from Woodys Library Restaurant. (Photo by Sam Robinson)
Brittany McCoy holds a tenderloin sandwich from Woodys Library Restaurant. (Photo by Sam Robinson)

By Mark Ambrogi

The Tenderloin Trail is heating up for the stretch run.

This is the fifth year Hamilton County Tourism has promoted the Tenderloin Trail. The promotion began on June 30 and ends on July 28. The participating restaurants hold deals on Tenderloin Tuesdays.

“It’s evolved into an overall celebration of the sandwich,” said Kate Burkhardt, communications coordinator for Hamilton County Tourism. “It’s kind of known as Indiana’s signature sandwich, this massive piece of meat which is pounded thin. It’s really pretty funny because the meat can be as big as hub cap and the bun is just average Kaiser roll and hamburger bun.”

This is the first year a Passport has been added for enthusiasts who want to try all of the restaurants who are offering deals Burkhardt said. There is a contest and to be eligible to win person should use the hashtags #TENDERLOINTRAIL or #VISITHC and there will be some giveaways.

“Dooley O’Toole’s in Carmel is one of the biggest players that we have,” Burkhardt said. “They have actually sold out on tenderloins on Tenderloin Tuesdays because people love them so much.”

Some facts the Hamilton County Tourism said that the legend has it that Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington was the first to serve breaded pork tenderloins.

There is always some debate how to eat to properly eat the oversized sandwich.

Hamilton County Tourism made a video to explore various ways to attack it: Two popular methods are “edging” (eating the meat around the bun first) and “stacking” (cutting the meat in half and stacking on the bun).

For deal information, view

Where to go


Dooley O’Toole’s, 160 E. Carmel Dr.

Grille 39, 11925 N. Meridian St.

Muldoon’s, 111 W. Main St.

Scotty’s Brewhouse, 110 W. Main St.

Woody’s Library Restaurant, 40 E. Main St.

Brunchies, 13732 N. Meridian St.

MCL Restaurant, 1390 Keystone Way


Alexander’s on the Water, 369 W. Jackson St.

Erika’s Place, 40 W. Jackson St.

Lazy Frogg, 409 W. Jackson S.


Nickel Plate Bar & Grill, 8654 E. 116th St.

Sahm’s, 11505 Allisonville Rd.


Harry & Izzy’s, 4050 E. 82nd St.


Harbour Town Diner, 5855 E. 211 St.

Syd’s Bar & Grill, 808 Logan St.

Alexander’s on the Square, 864 Logan St.

Barley Island Brewing Company, 639 Conner St.

The Cooper Still. 917 Conner St.

Courtney’s Kitchen, 654 Logan St.

Ginger’s Cafe, 1804 Conner St.

The Hamilton Restaurant, 933 Conner St.

Sunrise Cafe at Uptown, 809 Conner St.


Erika’s Place, 120 S. Union St.

Grand Junction Brewing Co., 110 St. Union St.,

The Local Eatery and Pub, 14655 N. Gray Rd.