The Scoop celebrates first birthday

The Scoop on Main Street in Zionsville. (File photo)

The Scoop on Main Street in Zionsville. (File photo)

By Anna Skinner

The Scoop, an ice cream shop in downtown Zionsville, does more than just sell ice cream.

Elizabeth Demaree, owner, always wanted to own an ice cream shop, and took the initiative after she lost her father, mother and brother in a span of two years.

“It’s something for families. It’s for anybody, older people and younger people,” Demaree said.

Demaree traveled to Naples, Fla. and all over the nation to learn about ice cream, the health department rules and anything she needed to know to make her business all she wanted it to be.

Demaree took a 1880s building she and her husband owned and completely revamped it. They added a wraparound porch, a new roof, new gutters and more to create the beautiful building that is now The Scoop.

The Scoop contains many amenities a normal ice cream shop does not. There is a game corner, where Demaree hopes that games such as checkers will bridge the generation gap between the young and the old. There are motivational chalkboards and local artwork on the walls, and the ice cream is from favorite, local sellers.

On June 20, The Scoop held their first birthday party full of live music, kids’ activities, grilling out and ice cream. Demaree said she feels The Scoop will only continue to improve in the future, and that they had a great first year in Zionsville.

Demaree wants everyone to know that the title of the ice cream shop is not meant to be taken after a ‘scoop’ of ice cream. She named it The Scoop because she believes it is a place where people can go to get all positive ‘scoops’ of information instead of gossiping about the negatives.

She believes that The Scoop brings out real, Good Samaritan events.

“You can’t get a rumor or a scandal at The Scoop, but you can become a Good Samaritan,” Demaree said. “I feel like we have a lot of positives things happening in here, such as people who come in as strangers and become best friends over ice cream.”

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