Optometrist sets up shop in hometown


By Alexandria Eady

Since its official opening in February, Prather Family Eyecare has grown as a local healthcare business with more to offer than meets the eye. The Noblesville-based optometry office is open to provide services for the public and is overseen by the Noblesville native himself, Dr. Christopher Prather.

The business celebrated their new offices in the Pebble Brook Village on May 28 with a ribbon cutting, courtesy of Mayor John Ditslear and the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce.

As a graduate from Indiana University’s School of Optometry, Prather found himself intrigued by optometry education early on and years later committed himself to opening a practice of his own.

“Growing up I always liked math and science,” he said, “and I had an interest in pursuing a health care profession because I wanted to help people.
“Optometry was simply something my father suggested that I look into when I was in high school. When I eventually started shadowing different optometrists, I became fascinated with how the eye works.”

In 2003, Christopher and his wife Amy settled in Noblesville to later raise a family. Attracted to the city for its growing sense of community and amenities, he saw the city as the perfect location to “open up shop”.

Today, Prather Family Eyecare services communities, providing several optometric services from emergency eye care and diagnostic services to annual vision screenings and eyewear fittings. Setting itself apart from other healthcare businesses, Prather says he emphasizes the importance of fulfilling the specific needs of the patient.

“As an eye doctor I have always valued each patient encounter tremendously and appreciated the trust given to me by patients,” he said. “I therefore want to allow adequate time with them to ensure that all of their questions have been answered and their needs met.”

Dr. Prather also holds value to the sense of community created around his local practice.

“Having the opportunity to live and work right here in Noblesville is such a blessing. Knowing so many of our patients outside of the office, it almost makes going to work as if you are going to see your friends.” Prather said.

Looking to the future, he says he hopes to see positive advances for his private practice, including staff expansion as well as a potential partnering doctor to join the team.

“I envision our staff continuing to grow, not only in terms of number of employees, but also in the talents and skills they bring to the table, as that will only better enable us to deliver superior patient service.”