Zionsville says no to Whitestown cease and desist demands


By Ann Marie Shambaugh

Late last week the Town of Whitestown sent a cease and desist letter to the Town of Zionsville, demanding that they stop acting as if the reorganization with Perry Township was final when the case could still be heading to the Indiana Supreme Court.

Zionsville’s response?

A definitive no.

“Unless and until a court orders otherwise, the Trial Court’s Judgment did not prohibit Zionsville from taking actions reforming its internal government so as to implement the will of the voters who overwhelmingly approved the reorganization plan,” states a letter to Whitestown’s attorneys dated June 9 by Mark J. Crandley, an attorney representing Zionsville.

The letter also states that Whitestown would need a court injunction to halt Zionsville’s reorganization efforts and describes the sending of the “red-letter ‘cease and desist’ notifications in the middle of the night requesting a two-and-a-half business day response” as “over the top.”

The Whitestown Town Council has a meeting scheduled in executive session June 9 to discuss the issue.

This story will be updated.