Tim Haak hoping to become Zionsville’s first mayor

Tim Haak
Tim Haak

Compiled by Ann Marie Shambaugh

Tim Haak, a member of the Zionsville Town Council, has filed to run for mayor in the May primary – even though the position is not officially on the ballot and does not currently exist.

If Zionsville’s reorganization with Perry Township is upheld by a state court, the town will be eligible to have its first mayor. Haak, 46, hopes to be that person, but said he understands it’s possible he won’t get the chance.

How many years have you lived in Zionsville? I moved to Zionsville while in the third grade in 1977.

How did you and your family end up in Zionsville? After my wife and I got married it was an easy decision to move to Zionsville to start our family. Zionsville has the best school system in the state, a great pathway system, a diversified parks program and a genuine sense of community.

Why do you want to run for elected office? I want to see Zionsville continue to be the best place to live in Indiana. Zionsville not having a mayor is like a major corporation trying to function without a CEO. Zionsville needs that day-to-day champion who can implement a vision and lead the town to continued greatness. With my town council experience and business background I think I can be that person.

What is your previous political experience? My only political experience is serving on the town council.

What are your top priorities if elected? My top priority is to continue the town council’s goal of diversifying Zionsville’s tax base. The goal is 80 percent residential and 20 percent commercial by 2020. Eight years ago the town was 97 percent residential. We are currently at 90 percent. We’ve made great progress but there is still a lot of work to be done.

What are your qualifications to run for this office? I think my best qualifications are reflected in the results I have achieved while serving on the town council. I was part of the negotiating teams that brought FedEx, Hat World, Bub’s Burgers and the South Village development to Zionsville. I also have a professional background in banking and economic development.

What is your favorite thing about Zionsville? Having lived in Zionsville for almost 40 years I have seen a lot of changes and growth, but Zionsville has never lost its charm and small town atmosphere. I still feel that Zionsville is a place where everyone knows each other, no matter how big it is.

What area do you think is Zionsville’s greatest need for improvement?

I think the need that stands out the most is continuing to upgrade the town’s traffic infrastructure. The town’s first roundabout will be built soon and there are plans in the works now for upgrading other intersections and the addition of new roads. Once funding is secure we should be able to implement them.

Favorite local restaurant: The Salty Cowboy and Cobblestone Grill. Both are great for families.

Favorite movie: The James Bond movies. The old ones with Sean Connery and the new ones with Daniel Craig.

Favorite quote or motto: The best way to cheer yourself up is to try and cheer someone else up.

Family: My wife Leah and I have 2 boys: Charlie (third grade) and Sam (first grade)

Pets: The occasional fall festival goldfish.

Favorite vacation: Camp Brosius in Elkhart Lake, Wis.. We have about 32 family members that have been going for the last 14 years.

Something you’d like readers to know about you: I helped re-brick Main Street when I was 10.

Something most people don’t know about you: I have 10 siblings and 34 nieces and nephews….for now.