Column: Why you’re still hungry


Commentary by Jenny Swisher


Why is it so hard to stop eating out of a tub of movie theatre popcorn? Why is it “the fun don’t stop” after you pop the top of a Pringles can? Why is it that some foods taste so dang good that we can’t put them down?

If I handed you an apple and asked you to eat it, you probably would. What if, right after polishing off that apple, I handed you another? What about a third? Would you consume 3 apples in one sitting? Likely not. Though if I handed you some fries from McDonald’s, would you eat more than one? More than 10?

Let’s get this straight. Some foods are addicting to the point we can’t stop eating them, and others we enjoy but only in moderation almost naturally. Who wants to eat 3 apples, or 4 bananas?

The answer is simple. Some foods satisfy you nutritionally, and some do not. In other words, some serve a purpose in your body aside from merely filling the belly (their nutrient-packed fibers are utilized by your body upon consumption), while others simply satiate a temporary craving.

Truth is, manufacturers of packaged goods have found ways to increase the salt or sugar in their products, making consumers consume more of it. Brilliant marketing. Not-so-brilliant outcome (introduce American obesity epidemic.)

Last I checked, God doesn’t add anything to apples. And I’m pretty sure he’s the manufacturer.

The bottom line is, if you’re still hungry, you’re not nutritionally satisfied. Most likely, you’re not consuming the foods that are adding value to your body and its functionality. You’re feeding yourself something that’s tasty and what you perceive to be filling, thanks to various marketing tactics, additives, and a behavioral habit.

Real food satisfies. It gives you energy and increases your quality of life. We deserve to live a little, but our bodies also deserve to be treated with care.

Now, go have an apple or 3 and let me know how you feel.

Jenny Swisher is the owner of RevolutionX Studio here in Fishers, and also leads a Team of nearly 300 health Coaches in helping folks achieve their healthiest life. You can get in touch with Jenny via Facebook at or by visiting her blog at