New name reflects My Billing Advocate’s new focus


By Mark Ambrogi


Sharon Gall has been counseling customers with medical billing issues for 14 years.

In 2007, she founded Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. In recent years, she found she was giving more and more advice on daily money management as well as medical billing advocacy. So in October, the Zionsville resident changed the company’s name to My Billing Advocate.

“As we were helping them sort out medical bills, they said ‘if you are helping us with medical bills, can you help us with these other bills, too,’” said Gall, who graduated from Zionsville Community High School in 1994. “When we looked around there wasn’t anyone who can help people pay their bills when they are aging. That might be something helping them stay independent.”

The company’s money managers assist in reviewing bills for accuracy and payment, budgeting, payment negotiation and account reconciliation, among other things.

Gall said much of her business revolves around education.

“A lot of people don’t understand their medical bills when they get them,” Gall said. “They don’t understand what they should be paying, and quite honestly there are a lot of mistakes with them. Sometimes things were coded wrong so it was processed wrong. We are the extra set of eyes that reviews that.”

Gall said her business can do health advocacy consultations nationwide.

“One gentleman we recently saved $60,000,” Gall said. “He had gotten medical bills for over a year and lived part of the year in Arizona. There were many billing issues. He was ready to cash in his retirement because he was done fighting them.”

Gall reviewed his wife’s medical records and found the surgery was coded improperly so the insurance wasn’t paying. Once it was figured out, he owed just $600, Gall said.

“That was kind of our big win,” Gall said.

Her sister-in-law, Christine Gall of Zionsville, helps with the business.

For more information, visit or call 344-0401.