Five minutes with Brian Wise


By Melissa Hicks


Meet Brian Wise, he is Director of Acquisitions at Halderman Real Asset Management, and has been a Carmel resident for 13 years.

Do you have a special childhood memory?

“Going to the 4h fair. Showing my pig at the fair.”

What has been your best vacation and why?

“Most recent one was to Spain, my wife and I hiked what’s called the Camino De Santiago sometimes called the Way of Saint James. It was a neat, very interesting countryside. There was some culture. It was a pilgrimage. It was a religious experience, so it had kind of a spiritual bend to it. Walked 74 miles in 6 days.”

What is the first thing you like to tell people about yourself?

“I’m a grandfather times 2.”

Which would you choose to go to a concert, play or sporting event, and why?

“I’d go to a play. I think the memory of a play is a lot more lasting. Sporting events are too common, whereas a play is more of a treat to get to go. More of a chance to think a little bit, experience some emotion.”

Why did you choose to move to or stay in this community?

“I changed jobs to go to Sheridan. … We moved here to cut the commute. We like Carmel, we like all the things it has to offer as far as entertainment. We live close to our church, Our Lady of Carmel, so we can actually walk to church if we want to. It feels a little bit more like a community than Indianapolis did.”

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