Carmel mayor announces infrastructure plans


Mayor Jim Brainard outlined an infrastructure improvement plan that focuses on the East Side of Carmel, in a press conference today.

Several new roundabouts, bike paths and extensions, landscaping projects and a new fire station to serve East of Keystone residents are all part of the plans announced today at a press conference  held at Carmel City Hall. In a press release, it is stated that the plans were announced so that residents and motorists will know what to expect as the spring and summer construction seasons quickly approach.

“Carmel consistently ranks among the best cities to live for a variety of reasons, but it is also important we not rest on our laurels. We want to make sure our residents have safe and efficient streets, strong public safety and neighborhoods that connect with Carmel’s vibrant and walkable environment,” said Brainard. “We have worked hard to build world-class city, but at the same time we need to continue investing in our neighborhoods.”

For more on these and other city projects, read Current in Carmel on March 3.

For more on the new fire station, read Adam Aasen’s report here.

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  • New Fire Station on Main Street – built in conjunction with Township; Designed; Bid this spring.


  • River Road reconstruction and realignment from 116th to 126th Street to remove dangerous curves south and east of Plum Creek Golf Club
  • River Road north of Main Street to Prairie Trace Elementary – expansion to 3-lane Blvd.
  • 96th and Keystone – expedite progress for roundabout interchange
  • 96th Street from White River to Keystone Parkway – removal of traffic signals, construction of roundabouts to improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion


  • 116th and Gray Road – new roundabout
  • 116th and Hazel Dell Parkway – new roundabout
  • 126th and Gray Road – new roundabout
  • Main Street and Gray Road – new roundabout
  • 136th Street and Gray Road – new roundabout
  • 136th Street and Carey Road – new roundabout


  • 136th Street – Currently under construction bike path project from Keystone to Gray Road
  • Main Street – Currently under construction bike path project from Keystone to Gray Road
  • Gray Road – Bike path extension to complete access from 96th Street to 146th Street
  • 126th Street from Keystone Parkway to River Road – Bike path improvements
  • 116th Street from Keystone Parkway to River Road – Bike path improvements


  • Roundabouts at each interchange along Keystone Parkway
    • 136th Street
    • Main Street
    • 126th Street
    • Carmel Drive
    • 116th Street
    • 106th Street
  • Roundabout at 126th and Hazel Dell Parkway
  • Roundabout at Main Street and Hazel Dell Parkway
  • Carmel Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hazel Dell Parkway at 96th Street


  • White River Greenway – Expansion north of this river-hugging greenway to 146th Street, working with Conner Prairie on land acquisition.
  • Founders Park – Adding a boardwalk along an area of the pond and parking lot lighting.