Opinion: Howard Dean, the would-be comedian?


The 2016 presidential race is heating up, and we got a real charge out of the latest shenanigans, this one compliments of Howard Dean, the former failed Democratic presidential candidate and former Vermont governor. Sensing that Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, is gaining steam on his march toward the party’s nomination, Dean took a shot at Walker for not having a college degree. “The issue is, How well educated is this guy?” Dean asked. “I worry about people being president of the United States not knowing about the world and not knowing much about science.” Well, then, this borders on hilarity. We’re assuming Dean is just parroting the party line in trashing Walker. What would you expect from the party of elitists? We find it interesting that we never heard Dean worry, back in 2008, that his party’s nominee, Barack Obama, was nothing more than a community organizer and very junior senator. Did Dean believe Obama had learned everything he needed to know about the world from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? At least Obama has a degree from Harvard, and we’ve seen how that has worked out. Speaking of Harvard, we wonder if Dean ever questioned Teddy Kennedy’s Harvard degree. You just have to love Teddy. Back in 1951, he was forced to withdraw from Harvard for cheating on his Spanish final. He was allowed back in – the check cleared – and eventually earned his degree. Another round, Teddy? “Si, mis amigos. Mucho gusto!” Unfortunately, we’re starting to see what direction this election season is taking, and it’s not going to be pretty. Walker is an accomplished governor, in our opinion, and if he stays the course – in other words, he doesn’t turn into the typical wimp Republican – he could be a formidable challenger. Let’s concentrate on what all the candidates have actually accomplished. Sorry, Hillary.