Local artist Nancy Noel plans gallery move to Aspen


By Heather Lusk

Nancy NoelLocal artist Nancy Noel is in the final stages of negotiation to move her gallery to Aspen, Colo., after nine years in the Sanctuary on Main Street.

The Sanctuary property will continue to house her artwork until it is sold or sometime this spring at the latest, according to Noel.

“Interest in the Sanctuary has been very active, but it’s still open for whoever is lucky enough to get it,” said Noel.

Nearly a year ago, Noel put her 11,000-square-foot gallery and event site on the market with an asking price of $1.85 million.

She felt that finding interested buyers wouldn’t be an issue. When they visit, “without question everyone falls in love,” she said. But she believes that finding the right buyer is mostly a case of timing.

Initially Noel had considered opening a gallery in New York, but while searching for the right location a friend convinced her to consider Aspen.

“They finally twisted my arm and I went up there and found an incredible, unbelievable space,” she said.

Last year Noel told Current that she wanted to spend less time on the business side of operations and spend more time focusing on art.

“It wasn’t an overnight decision to sell. Over the period of six months I’d started thinking about it, then woke up one day and decided to do it,” Noel said. “What I want to do is paint and have fun.”

She still feels connected to Zionsville and plans to keep her 40-acre home and farm.

“I paint here, and I can’t go a really long time psychologically without painting,” Noel said. “My workspace is here and I don’t see that changing.”

Plus she feels invested in the new buyer.

“I hope whatever goes in there serves Zionsville,” she said.

The Sanctuary’s office manager Kathy Pierle feels that Aspen is a good fit for Noel.

“She’s more of a canyon girl than a concrete girl,” Pierle said.