Five minutes with Chad Renbarger


Chad RenbargerMeet Chad Renbarger, Fishers resident.

How long have you lived in Fishers?

“We’ve lived here around 13 years.”

Where do you like to eat in Fishers?

“We like Murphy’s a lot. We try to pick the locally owned places, and there’s a lot to choose from. We try to rotate our choices around quite a bit, especially with two kids.”

Where do you work in Fishers and what is it that you do there?

“I’m one of the owners of V’s Barbershop, along with Bryan Wade.”

Describe what makes your barbershop unique.

“The reason I fell in love with it is that it took me back to when I grew up. When I was a kid, folks went to a small-town barbershop with their dad and grandpa, and guys were guys. You went in and talked about sports, or business, and whatever else. We wanted a place that had a classy look, very upscale. Fishers didn’t really have that ‘local barbershop’, so that’s why we decide to open one here.”

What other locations does V’s Barbershop have?

“We’re all over the place. We’re in New Jersey now, and we have several locations in North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and more. We’re one of the fastest growing upscale men’s barbershops in the country.”