Ten prep for Mr. Zionsville

Kyle Sheehan rehearses for Mr. Zionsville. (Photo by Mark Ambrogi)
Kyle Sheehan rehearses for Mr. Zionsville.
(Photo by Mark Ambrogi)

By Mark Ambrogi

Kyle Sheehan is no stranger to tough workouts.

Sheehan was a running back on the Zionsville Community High School football team and is a pole vaulter on the track and field team. Yet Sheehan has found competing for Mr. Zionsville routines just as exhausting as any athletic compeition. Mr. Zionsville, a talent show for seniors, is set for 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 22 at Zionsville Performing Arts Center.

“Dancing is a lot of work,” Sheehan said after one rehearsal. “Running through it a couple times, I ended up breaking a lot of sweat. I’m tired. My heart is beating right now.”

Nick Scott is a cheerleader for the basketball and football team. Scott, who is Zionsville’s only male cheerleader this school year, also was on the competitive cheerleading team that went to state.

“You get so tired,” Scott said. “In cheerleading, I just stand there and yell stuff and sometimes I throw somebody up. Here you are doing something constantly.”

Chris Arnold, a member of Zionsville show choir Royalaires, knew how much work it would be from experience.

“I’m used to this pace,” Arnold said. “It’s definitely much more of a workout than you would ever realize. When I joined the Royalaires, I thought how hard could this be. Then the first rehearsal, I thought this is going to be real tiring. Then you put four or five songs back to back, that’s pretty tiring.”

Scott said juggling his cheerleading duties and Mr. Zionsville practice has been a hassle.

“It’s a lot of time because I’ve got practice and games,” Scott said. “Then I have Mr. Zionsville (practice) whenever they need us.”

Scott, who transferred to Zionsville from Western Boone after his freshman year, has never been to a Mr. Zionsville.

“I think it would be nice to etch my name on it,” Scott said of the competition.

Arnold is definitely in it to win it, too.

“I’m the type of person that wants to win anything that I try to do,” he said.

Despite the hard work, Sheehan said he has enjoyed it.

“It sure has been a lot of fun, especially hanging out with these guys,” Sheehan said.

All the contestants keep their talent portion a surprise for the audience.

“I always wanted to be in the show, but I had to find something I could do,” Sheehan said. “The surprise effect is really what is going to make it special.”

The 10 contestants come from all backgrounds at the school.

“It’s not one select group of guys that do the show,” Sheehan said. “It’s a group of guys from all different social groups and activities. It’s a good way to get everyone in the school involved because it’s not confided to one group.”

Besides Mr. Zionsville, the other awards given are Mr. Talent (based on the talent section) and Mr. Spirit (picked by the contestants themselves).

Cheerleaders Jaclyn Pullen and Maria Schultz along with Jessie Seamands are the senior directors. Schultz and Seamands are in show choir.

“My sister was a senior director her year so it’s cool seeing how she created the show and then me being able to do it my senior year,” Pullen said.