Five minutes with Peter Bick


Peter BickWEBMeet Peter Bick, Zionsville resident.

What do you like about living in Zionsville?

“The size. It’s friendly, it’s quiet, particularly here in the Willow neighborhood. With the lake behind us, it’s very secluded, it has lots of wildlife, and it makes the trip up to see my grandkids in Chicago much shorter, being on the west side of town.”

What is your favorite restaurant around town?

“We like Bub’s Burgers (we’ve eaten there a bunch of times), DC’s Pub and the Friendly tavern. Cobblestone Grill is pretty good, too!”

Do you have favorite dishes from any of those places?

“Well, really any of the burgers at Bub’s, and from the Friendly tavern I like the blackened catfish.”

Where do you work and what is your position?

“I became a professional photographer after I retired from Lilly, but I’ve been doing it for around 25 years. I shoot events, nature and sports, and I work a lot with the Indiana Sports Corporation and I’ve shot their events for the last 25 years. I also work for the Natatorium and the National Swimming Magazine.”

What made you interested in photography?

“I used to do it as a young kid, and then got away from it because other things were taking place in my life. Then, when I was a medical school professor, to have charts and tables and such for classes, I had learned some dark room skills and created and photographed my own. I found that I kind of liked doing that. This was at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, which is affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University, which had 20 basketball teams. I just walked into their athletic department and said I’d like to shoot their games, and right there they handed me credentials and said ‘Go do it!’ I had no experience, but I was pretty good at it, and I got a lot better over time.”